Friday, April 6, 2012

Sydney Uni for something new (and old)...

Last Saturday I went to the Raid My Wardrobe event at Sydney University. With a selection of stalls selling pre-loved everyday wear, designer and vintage clothing the event was a cross between Rozelle markets and Vinnies at Summer Hill. It's held at the Aquatic Centre on the Darlington Campus of Sydney Uni.

According to the website, Raid My Wardrobe was started by a Newcastle mother whose wardrobe needed sharing and re-wearing. The idea is to recycle quality clothing and accessories. It's indoor market style and not dissimilar to a series of classy white elephant stalls.

I bought two skirts in the Annandale chic look I am trying chameleon-like to master for Sunday afternoon coffees at Esther's Table. All in all my spending was pretty mild given that my mood looked like:

But I got out and about and tried something new. Find Raid My Wardrobe online at:

A great little site for those whose budgets and philosophies favour pre-loved fashion, a green-thinking, recyclable mindset.

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